About us

Shenzhen Bascocut Technology Co.,Ltd is the professional manufacturer of Cutting Plotter/Label Cutter/Flat Bed Cutter/Garment equipment and so on sign-making products.We have a top-notch team,specializing in R&D,Design and manufacture various types of equipments.

Our factory well located in Shenzhen Pinghu street,easy of access. with thousands of square meters of production, research and development base.

We value the power of cooperative team work, we take "Quality & Honesty" as our belief, and “Being the Best Global Supplier of Cutting and Plotting Solution” as our goal.



Contact: Lucky Candy

Phone: 18988784602

Tel: 86-755-29678780

Email: bascocut-a@bascocut.com

Add: No.161 Pinghu street,Longgang District,Shenzhen,China.

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